Bee Program

This program has currently been placed on hold as our program is undergoing reconstruction! Please check back soon! 

Bee Program


Foster a Hive Program©


Would you like to support our veteran program, pollinate your plants, and help in bee conservation all at the same time? Then our "Foster a Hive Program©" might be the right fit for you. As we work to build up stronger and better beekeeping setups for those in our program we need locations for the hives to thrive and grow until they are placed in forever homes. You provide the location on your property and we setup, maintain, work, and remove the hive when it is time for it to be placed or sold to raise funds for the program. You get free pollination services to help your plants thrive, you support bee conservation, and you are also providing a service to help us help more veterans. It’s a big WIN WIN WIN for all. If you are interested in becoming a hive foster home please fill out the form below. Please describe the size and location of your property and provide photos if possible. We will keep your application on file and stay in contact with you to let you know when we have a hive that needs fostering. Thank you for the support!!


We offer humane bee removal services to the Las Vegas Valley and surrounding areas. These bees are used to build up hive startups for veterans. This equates to a huge savings for the organization so we are able to put those funds to good use to help more veterans. This also saves a hive of bees that are crucial to the environment.

If you are in need of these services please contact us at

(702) 377-9171 or at


Thanks to our supporters at Bee Champions we are able to provide the following educational resources to help you start or continue your beekeeping endeavors.

Beehive Biology


Beehive Location


Starting and Using the Smoker


How the Smoker Works


The Frame Perch


The Middle Bar Frame   


Middle Bar Frames – Keeping Hives Level


Overview of Feeding Bees

Feeding Bees Using the Comb


The Pollen Trap


Q&A: Can We Feed Honey to Bees?


Q&A: Ratio of Sugar to Water to Feed the Bees   


Feeding Bees


Honey Foraging Behavior


Foraging Bees: Pollen and Nectar


You Can Call Me Queen Bee


How To Find the Queen


Finding and Marking the Queen Bee


Identifying What Type of Queen Cell is Produced

Queen Bee Troubleshooting


Queen Bee Troubleshooting – Laying Workers


What Happens to the Old Queen Once She Fails


Queen Breeding


How Often Do We Need to Inspect Our Hives


Inspecting Bees


Inspecting Bees Part 2


Inspecting Bees Part 3


Inspecting Bees Part 4


Post Winter Inspection


How Do Bees Prefer to Draw Their Comb Out


Identifying the Difference Between a Brood and Honey Cells

How to Identify Different Broods Cells:


Why Do We Put Frames Back in the Same Order


Adding a Super


Honey Crystallization


Know When to Extract Honey


Honey Extraction


How Much Honey Should I leave for the Bees?


Finding Dead Bees Outside My Hive


Is it Possible There are No Varroa Mites in My Hive?


Is it Concerning If Bees Start to Beard?


Diagnosing and Preventing a Failed Colony


Avoiding Drift


How To Get Bees Out of Your Veil


What To Do With Frames With Dead Bees

What is the Difference Between Using a Plastic Foundation and a Foundationless Frame?

Crown Bees: Pollen For Food