Welcome to Healing Veterans Through Backyard Agriculture!


What our organization is formed to do is provide veterans the tools to start a therapeutic agriculture based hobby in the safety and security of their own backyard. This could be having a bee hive, garden, pond, or a flock of chickens. We will provide the startup “kits” and provide the education and guidance to help make them successful. This can also lead them into a small business of their own by removing unwanted bees, or selling eggs, flowers, fruit, vegetables, and honey at the local farmers markets. All efforts will be made to modify everything to a veteran’s physical disability that is unique to that veteran. Keeping chickens and having a productive garden is not just for rural living anymore. The movement on urban agriculture is growing fast and is incredibly rewarding, fun, and educational for youth and adults alike.


HVTBA in the Community...

In an ongoing effort to spread the healing therapeutic power of backyard agricultural hobbies; we are now offering our services to the public on a limited basis. Our main focus in our program is to assist the recovery of veterans. However, in the work we have done we have seen the truly amazing benefits this can provide many others. We cannot keep these services limited when they have the potential to help so many. This can be for other organizations and their ongoing projects or for persons of any age that can benefit from this type of backyard therapy. We can provide competitive pricing for these services and all proceeds go back into the HVTBA program to continue our work with helping Veterans on the road to recovery. You will have a hobby you truly love and enjoy and you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are supporting veterans at the same time. We truly enjoy enriching lives and are excited to provide these unique services to many more.

It is our policy at HVTBA that we do not showcase the individuals in our program. We respect and safeguard their privacy and understand the personal nature of any medical conditions. That being said, we may from time to time have someone accepting with having his or her story shared. In that case we may share their story on our website and social media outlets; only after the individual has approved what will be shared.

We are a 501 (c)(3) non-profit and donations are tax deductible.

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